Pipe down

The great organ in the Royal Albert Hall was the largest in the world when it was built in 1871.  It was rebuilt in 1933 and has an amazing 9,997 pipes …

The Royal Albert Hall

… but the Grand Organ in Liverpool Cathedral has more.

Underneath the arches …

L is for London - Marble Arch… we dream our dreams away, but 500 years ago the site of Marble Arch was a place of nightmares. Prisoners would “go west” to the Tyburn Tree (near Marble Arch) to be hanged in front of crowds large enough to fill Wembley Stadium.

On the traffic island at the junction of Edgware Road and Marble Arch is a plaque, which marks the place where more than 50,000 people were executed, and only a few minutes walk away is the Tyburn Convent where the nuns still pray for the souls of those who died.