Yeoman Warders

L is for London - Yeoman WardersYeoman Warders, or Beefeaters, guard the Tower of London and look after the ravens. The monarchy and Tower will crumble if the ravens ever leave.

Yeomen Warders are best known for their scarlet and gold uniforms which date from 1552 and are worn on state occasions. One of their main ceremonial functions is the daily Ceremony of the Keys, where the gates of the Tower of London are secured each night shortly before 10pm by the Chief Yeoman Warder, escorted by an armed guard of four men.

The bells

Big Ben is the biggest four-faced, chiming clock in the world. The real name of the tower, housing the clock, is ‘Clock Tower’. Big Ben is the nickname of the main bell, formally known as the Great Bell, housed within the tower.

L is for London - Big Ben